Un modèle stochastique pour la gestion des stocks - Colegiul National Emil Racovita (Cluj - Roumanie) Lycée Val de Durance (Pertuis) Lycée Bellevue (Alès)

Résumé de la production
In this work, a model for the management of fishing stocks is studied under the assumptions that, in a some site, the growth of a certain species is limited by the available resources and that a constant amount is fished every year. It is mainly a discrete time model: evolution from one year to the next given by a recurrence close to the logistic map, but the variant in continuous time, governed by a differential equation is also studied. Depending on the value of the parameters (maximum biomass of the site, initial biomass, basic reproduction rate, quantity fished), different evolutions appear: extinction, stabilization or, in the discrete case, chaotic evolution.
Mots clés
dynamique des populations
suite logistique
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