Article : ENI game and probability - Lycée Żmichowska (Varsovie)

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The ENI game is a generalization of a well-known guessing game with second chance. There are two players, H and S, and there is a treasure hidden by H and to be found by S in one of n>2 different locations. After a first guess of S, the correctness of the guess is not reveiled by H, who instead reveals for some other location than the guess, and other than the location where is the treasure, that the treasure is not there. After that, S can stick to his original guess, or make another guess. The question is which strategy is better, statistically speaking. The of the article; it must give a good description of the subject and also give the main resultson webpageposted this abstract will be authors first show the results of an excel simulation and of a scratch program, before doing a mathematical analysis which provides a complete and correct mathematical formula. The results all confirm that it is better for S to make another guess, i.e. never stick to his original choice.
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