Arrosage du lycée - Colegiul National Emil Racovita (Cluj - Roumanie) Lycée Val de Durance (Pertuis) Lycée Bellevue (Alès) Colegiul National Mihail Eminescu (Satu Mare - Roumanie)

Résumé de la production
The work considers a school's building site with some water points in it. The problem to be solved is the determination of the water point that is the closest to an arbitrary point in the site. Three solutions are given. The first one directly computes the distances using the program GeoGebra. The second solution uses the properties of the perpendicular bisector of a segment to split the plane into various pieces, each closer to a water point. A C++ program is used. The third solution consists of an application of Lee’s algorithm. In the final section, a generalization of the second approach is proposed.
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